Monday, October 17, 2005

Young writers

Do you know that fifteen years old girl got ‘Bungeisho’? The prize is the gateway to the literary world for newcomers. She is the youngest winner of it. The present governor of Nagano prefecture, Yasuo Tanaka received it in 1980 too. Recently young writers are active. I think you’ve ever heard these names, Risa Wataya and Hitomi Kanehara. They won The Akutagawa Prize in 2004. It was a big news then.
I think these situations are good for young people who don’t read books. Take my younger brother as an example. Although he doesn’t read at all, he tried to read ‘Install’ written by Risa Wataya. He’s a high school student and worries about his near future, universities. What made him read it is the fact that she’s a student of Waseda University. Like this, young people can feel kingship with young writers and it’ll give them chances to take books at libraries or book stores and read them. Today it’s a big problem that young people rarely read books. Young writers’ works will be a new step to solve it.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Recently I met one of my high school friends and had a meal together. After graduation we meet and talk once in two or three months. She works at bento shop and makes bento with some Chinese women. She started working there last spring. At first she was troubled about working together with them. She said that they didn’t want to do the dirty works, for example, cleaning the sink, taking out the garbage and so on and also didn’t apologize when they made mistakes. Such attitudes and acts often irritated her. Though they gave her the nerves, she continued to work. I heard this in May.
This week, I met her. We talked about our jobs but her attitude was completely different from previous one. She said she found the way to work with them at peace. I asked her how and her answer was just accepting. She explained like this,‘ Their personalities are their nationalities. They can’t change easily so I decided to accept them.’. I think her opinion is great and it’ll be very important in the future. In today’s world, we have many opportunities to work and live with people who have different culture. In such situation, it’s useful. It isn’t easy to do this but if you can, you’ll be able to get along well with them and succeed in the international occasions.
I want to mention the followings just to make sure. I don’t think that all of Chinese are like them. The story was how my friend felt and might be exaggerated. I don’t know. All I want to say is that I don’t mean to blame Chinese.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Have you ever seen Kotooshu? He is a sumo wrestler from Bulgaria. He is handsome and called a Beckham in the sumo world. I think you know Asashoryu from Mongolia. He is popular because of his friendly smile and personality and often appears on TV. Today you can see many foreign sumo wrestlers on TV and newspapers. Some people criticize this situation. They insist that sumo is a Japanese national sport and Japanese sumo wrestlers should be featured and be active. But I think it’s good. They breathed new life into the sumo world and interested many people of all ages and both sexes in sumo. They also gave us a good opportunity to think about our national sport. I hope they will won a lot and surprise us.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Have you ever heard the word ‘NEET’? I think most of you have. ‘NEET’ is short for Not in Employment, Education or Training. It means people who don’t have work, don’t go to school or don’t do anything to get jobs. Most of them are young people. Today ‘NEET’ problem is serious in Japan and we often see articles and TV programs of it.
I think the spread of the word, NEET, increases the number of NEET. People are becoming to take it as one of ways after graduations from high schools or universities. Then I have an idea. How about stopping broadcasting the TV programs and news about it? How about stopping publishing the magazines and newspapers that have the articles of it? I think that although it can’t solve the ‘NEET’ problem, it may stop the increase of them. Then the government should seek the solutions of it and do them stealthily. I think it’s not too late! Please think about this idea, the Prime Minister, Koizumi!

Monday, October 03, 2005


I made this blog in English class. I've never thought that I make a blog and write something. It's a little bit hard for me to write this at least three times a week but I'll try to do and make this blog fun for me and someone who read. I watched a video, "Balablok" which is made by National Film Board of Canada. I think it is about exclusiveness to somebody or something which is different from oneself. Most of people may have this feeling. It bring a war that will never end. I think everybody needs to realize that we have the feeling of exclusiveness unconsciously.